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shelby borer photography arizona photographer

Shelby Borer Photography embraces a film look & lifestyle feel. Capturing the nanosecond of time you truly let go and be exactly who you are - capturing romance, experience and self love.


The journey of my own self love has been long. My experiences in the art program at Metro State changed my life. While they taught me a deeper love for myself - they also taught me how much I loved seeing other people express who they are. Being in a community like that made me feel a burning passion & empathy I never knew were inside of me.


I became passionate for capturing emotion. The type of emotion that speaks. For capturing deep love and soul connections.


My favorite time of the day to shoot became the ever famous golden hour - right when the sun simultaneously kisses your skin and the horizon line at the same time. My favorite tones for editing aligned with my personality. Soft, natural and warm. Walnut & cedar browns, deep greens, and soft oranges and yellows. I've also grown into a slight obsession with that vintage filmy look. Any textures that make my photos feel timeless and nostalgic. There's just something about it that makes me feel alive in a world that seems to be progressing so fast.

I'd describe myself as a die hard romantic, an old soul, empathetic AF and down to earth. I can also be pretty quirky sometimes. Especially with people who open up to me. I love it when that happens with my clients. When we just click. It comes out in my work with you & really helps me capture those moments of complete untethered joy. Those in between posing moments of cozy love & giggles.


Some things I take pride in are being open minded, understanding, and honest. As well as recognizing that I'm human and I too make mistakes sometimes. I am HUGE on communication. I believe communication is key when it comes to creating photos with you to meet your expectations. I'll be 100% with you when you ask me my opinion on outfits, locations or anything else that you have questions on.


 Shelby Borer Photography is an extension of me. A place where you and I - we get to create art together from your personal experiences. Shelby Borer Photography is where self expression is a safe place. Where any growth you're experiencing in life - is celebrated.

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