a little about me & my style ...

If I had to describe my style in few words I would say it embraces a "film look &  lifestyle feel." My favorite time of the day to shoot is during golden hour when those orange and yellow hues come radiating off of you. Right before the sun sets and right after the sun rises. 


I've realized over the years that what truly makes me passionate for photography is being able to connect with so many people through it. And not just that but also creating a relationship strong enough that they're willing to let me capture all the monumental moments of their lives. Graduations, growing a life, starting a family, launching a business, celebrating birthdays, marriages and proposals. 

Being with you through it all and capturing moments you can look back on forever - creating art with you in the most monumental moments of your life - that is what makes me feel like I'm living my purpose. 


When it comes to my photography business I believe that my personality truly shines through. In my relationship with my you, your client experience, and through my art. I'm a super down to earth person. A huge romantic, super lovey, and extremely empathetic. Buuuut I also have a pretty big goofy & quirky side to me. Once we get through all the paperwork and the booking process I love to chat and get to know what makes you you. I believe that my best work happens when we are truly able to connect, communicate with each other, and you are able to let go and be YOU. 


I prefer prompting versus posing. It captures so much more than just a pretty picture. Emotion. Passion. Love. Connection.

I believe that location can be everything BUT I also believe that when it comes down to it - it's truly all about you. I love adventure & I love to get creative with nature. Being outdoors and in the depths of the mountains just makes me feel like I'm in a dream. It sparks my creative juices. When I'm shooting in nature everything just flows in a certain type of magical way. I ALSO really enjoy a classic western/vintage environment. Any kind of nostalgic vibes bring out the "eeeeeek" that lives inside of me. I'm an old soul myself. 

what's brought me to where I am now ...

In the beginning of this journey I was solely focused on portraiture and commercial work. My style has changed so much over the years but what I've found has stayed the same through it all is my love for warmth and simplicity. Focusing solely on the love between two people and the love we carry within ourselves.


I started shooting and taking photography classes my sophomore year of college in 2012 and since then have always had a strong love for art and capturing the moments of life. I believe that the true definition of art is a huge part of the foundation of Shelby Borer Photography. 

To this day I thoroughly enjoy a creative portrait or branding session. I don't think I'll ever stop trying new things in the portraiture category. What I've really enjoyed over the past few years is shooting all things love. Weddings, couples, families - you name it. I feel that I've been so drawn to it because it's so relevant in my own life. In the fall of 2019 I married the love of my life and this past year has been full of love to say the least. Marriage has opened my heart and brought me to understand myself even more.



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