a little about my style ...

I specialize in a contrasted film look & lifestyle feel, full of light and love. My favorite time of day to capture portraits is during the golden hour when those orange and yellow hues come radiating off of you.


My entire focus over the years has been on capturing those unique moments in life that can't be created twice. I love adventure. And I love to get creative with nature - but also enjoy a good western/vintage setting. 


My dream has grown into a desire to create with those who want to focus more on emotion rather than perfection. I love just chatting with you during out time together and getting to know more about you. My favorite time to press my shutter button over and over is when I see you open yourself up to me during your session - truly realizing how amazing and beautiful you are. I believe that there is no greater love, than loving yourself at every stage of your journey - and when I am able to capture part of your journey for you - it brings me an overwhelming amount of joy.

what I've been up to recently ...

I've been a professional photographer for almost 7 years now and over the past year have decided to specialize in anything that has to do with LOVE.


I got married to the love of my life in September of 2019, so I know how important wedding day photos are.  I tell myself every day that I am so lucky to be doing what I'm doing. Over the passed year I've gotten more into shooting love and weddings AND I've been third wheeling with some of the most fun loving couples this world has to offer. I always cry when their wedding is over or we've just got done shooting the most magical engagement session. They've trusted ME to photograph one of the most important days and memories of their entire life, and that is something else.

what's brought me to where I am now ...

Before weddings and love - I was solely focused on portraiture and commercial work. My style has changed so much over the years but what I've found has stayed the same through it all is my love for warmth and simplicity. Focusing solely on the love between two people and the love we carry within ourselves. I started shooting and taking photography classes my sophomore year of college in 2012 and have always had a strong love for art and capturing memories. 

In the start of my photography journey I fell in love with portraiture, then came branding photography and commercial work. Still to this day I thoroughly enjoy a creative portrait or branding session. I don't think I'll ever stop trying new things in the portraiture category. 

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