Shelby Borer Photography embraces a film look & lifestyle feel. Capturing the nanosecond of time you truly let go and be exactly who you are - capturing romance, experience and self love.


I'm passionate for capturing emotion. The type of emotion that speaks. For capturing deep love and soul connections. My favorite time of the day to shoot is during golden hour, right when the sun simultaneously kisses your skin and the horizon line at the same time.

I'd describe myself as a die hard romantic, an old soul, empathetic AF and down to earth. I should also probably tell you that I can be pretty quirky sometimes. Sorry not sorry in advance. To be more specific - I get quirky when I'm shooting with kids and pets. Really to capture those moments of complete untethered joy.


I take pride in being open minded, understanding, and honest. & also that I'm human and I make mistakes sometimes. I am HUGE on communication. I'll admit whenever I've messed up. & I'll also tell you when your dress is stuck in your butt. 


 Shelby Borer Photography is an extension of me. A place where you and I - we get to create art together with your personal experiences.


Shelby Borer Photography is where self expression is a safe place. Where any growth you're experiencing in life - is celebrated.

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