Most people planning their wedding  have never done it before. And that is the exact reason why I’ve created this  guide. To help you plan accordingly and inform you about things you probably haven’t even considered or thought about. 

One of the things that I believe should be top priority on your wedding day is what is most important to you. I believe everything else that surrounds that specific moment or thing should come after. So the first question to ask yourself -

What’s most important to us on the day we say “I do?”

Aside from what’s most important to you I’ve put together a list of things that I believe most couples don’t consider when laying out the itinerary for their day and planning their location:

Finding a venue that speaks to you as a couple

Finding a venue that not only speaks to you as a couple but also embraces

Accessibility of your venue for elder guests

The distance from your ceremony to your reception

The distance from where you’re getting ready to your ceremony 


Lighting/time of day of your ceremony and important photos

The environment & lighting  where you’re getting ready

Your choice of colors & how they coordinate with the season 

Your bridal party attire & the comfortability


Before I go into depth on each of these things I want to preface it with having you take a deep breath. I know it might seem like a lot - but I want to remind you that you don’t have to consider ANY of this information. Remember this is your day and what is important to you is more important than any one else’s opinion and perspective.

Also, before I continue I want to throw this little nugget out there that someone said to me before planning my own wedding day - 

"Traditions are beautiful. But they're even more beautiful if they mean something special to you."