"Shelby was absolutely amazing! She has great prices, is easy to get along with and makes you feel completely comfortable in front of her lens. She takes control of the shoot while still making you feel like you have a say in your photographs. I would use her again any day!"

- Aja Anderson

"Shelby was an absolute dream to work with! Not only did she make me laugh, she made me feel completely comfortable - as if we've known each other for years! I definitely recommend!"

— Macy Adami, Woven Will

"We absolutely loved working with Shelby! I did a photo shoot with my boyfriend and although we are both awkward, she made us feel natural and the picture truly embraced the type of relationship we have. Although incredibly professional, she kept us laughing the whole time. We love the photos and loved working with Shelby. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for any time of professional photos."

— Taylor Nazfinger

"I love working with her because she's always wants to create ideas with me and Shelby is so good at making me feel more confident in my photos. We collaborate a lot and getting to know her has been awesome because she's grown so much and is always looking to create!"

— Emma Marlow, Meraki Moon

It's an absolute dream working with Shelby! I was in my own element and so comfortable (specially after I had asked her to surprise me on the location ). She is so easy going and is easy to laugh with. thank you so much for the amazing work you have done and can't wait to work with you more!

- Jocelyn Camey

What can I say? Shelby is an amazing photographer to work with! Her work is amazing and so is her personality. Very professional and also very outgoing and down to earth. She has an incredible eye for detail and it reflects on her finished work. As a freelance model, I am proud to add her work onto my portfolio. If you’re looking for high quality, professional photography, I HIGHLY recommend Shelby! You will not be disappointed!

- Lazaro Lopez

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