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Some questions to ask yourself when picking out your outfit...

what clothes make me feel confident in myself?

what outfits make me feel like my best self?

what clothes make me feel comfortable in my body?

what outfits make me feel confident for the purpose of this shoot?


Sometimes we instantly search for something that makes

us stand out because having professional photographs taken

isn't a common occurrence for most but I can assure

you, you will literally radiate no matter what you're wearing

as long as you feel both confident & comfortable

in the outfits that you choose.  


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Fall has so many changing vibrant colors. It's that time of the year that's cozy but not too cold. For fall shoots I think it's best to keep outfits mostly neutral. Tan, Beige, Ivory, Cream, Gray or even Black. I feel like all of these colors can help you glow in any fall environment. 

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Spring has some of the greenest greens I've ever seen & the most colorful sunsets I've captured. For spring shoots I think it's best to keep outfits contrasted to the environment. Beige, White, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Black, or Grey. 

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Summer brings so much warmth to your photos. It's that time of the year that makes us want to run around in tall grass and play in the sand. With its greenest greens and bluest skies outfit colors that I think pair best are Turquoise, Yellow, Peach, Coral, Blush Pink, or Mauve. 

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Winter is always one of two things: peaceful yet moody or dry yet bright. It always seems to add that crisp feel to photos. So some of favorite color schemes for winter are burnt orange & light blue or emerald & mustard/dark yellow. 


Just a few things to consider when planning for

a family or couples session...

1. no two people should wear the exact same color unless there's

an odd number of people OR one or both of the two people is

wearing another color to compliment each other

2. you can never really go wrong with an earthy, neutral,

or rich/warm set of colors because they're timeless and simple,

and they don't distract from YOU

Ultimately you want the colors you wear to help you

stand out but also compliment your environment, which

is why I recommend deciding on your location first.  


In my opinion, the location you choose should

mean something to you...

a place that makes you feel alive

a place that brings you those warm fuzzy feels

a place that gives you peace

Whether you have a special place in mind or not

when you book your session with me you'll receive a list

of location recommendations not just in your state

but also in your city/town

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