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wear what makes you feel
both confident & comfortable

This is the first thing I'll say when helping you figure out what to wear for your session. In my opinion it's important to feel both of these things in your outfits. I think sometimes we instantly search for something that makes us stand out because having professional photographs taken is not a common occurrence. But I can assure you, you will literally radiate no matter what you're wearing as long as you feel both these things. 

so I think the questions for you are...

what outfits make you feel confident in yourself?

what clothes make you feel comfortable in your body?

Those are the outfits that will make you feel like the best you. 

let's talk color schemes...



one of my favorite times of the year is fall. there's so many changing colors. My favorite color schemes during this season are fairly neutral - white & tan and light blue & grey.



some the greenest greens I've ever seen & the brightest colors I've captured. My favorite color schemes for the spring are beige & navy blue and white & burgundy.



this time of the year brings so much warmth to your photos. Some of my favorite color schemes are dark brown & green, teal & tan, and gold & grey. 



cold weather can sometimes make things look dull and not so vibrant. So some of favorite color schemes for winter are burnt orange & light blue and emerald & mustard.

seasons matter & so
does location...

When it comes to choosing your color scheme you have to consider the location just as much as the season. Choosing colors that compliment the colors around you makes your photos feel so much more fluent & artistic.

you might be wondering,

but what about that plaid shirt or floral dress I really love?

can I wear that for my session?

You can 100% wear either one of those things. But I will say this. If your floral dress is green and purple, I would suggest wearing it in a very minimalistic location. One that compliments the dress and you. One that makes you stand out instead of blending in with your environment. And if you are taking photos with other people it's best to use your outfit as a statement piece and find colors for the other people in the shoot that go with your pattern.

you're meant to stand out.


complimentary VS.
analogous color schemes

Complimentary colors are any two colors that are opposite of one another.

Analogous colors are hues containing a common color, but different in proportions.

Either of these schemes can work for your session. 

My personal favorite is complimentary!

It just makes you stand out and draws all the attention to you.

to decide which scheme you might want to go with

just takes asking yourself one simple question..

do I want to compliment my location or do I

want my location to compliment me?

By going with a complimentary color scheme you're complimenting the location. By going with an analogous color scheme you're location is essentially complimenting you!

Here's an example:

if your location is blue and/or green, you can compliment your location with a magenta, red or orange outfit that makes you stand out. You could also go with something that imitates either of these complimentary colors such as a burgundy, maroon or rust.

if your location is blue and/or orange, your location can compliment you with a midnight blue, gold or bronze outfit. You could also go with a neutral color like beige, brown or tan. 


do what feels right for you...

We can talk and talk, share potential outfit ideas for your shoot and we could even go shopping together. BUT the last thing I want to leave you with is to really remember what makes you feel the most yourself. Because when it really comes down to it you will cherish these photos because of the memories they hold, not because your outfits matched and looked appealing to the eye. 

so go shopping, dig through your closet and send me all the photos you want. I will 100% help you find something that will be amazing. But just make sure that it still keeps you feeling confident and comfortable. And that in feeling both of those things, you also feel like yourself.

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