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One struggle I feel a lot of photographers can identify with is creating images for clients versus yourself. I feel a lot of photographers I've spoken with have this idea in their head of what they think their client expects to see and then they have this other thought of what they wish they could give them. I think it's incredibly important to remember that you are the artist and your clients have commissioned you to create art out of their love and connection using YOUR unique voice. Be you, tell their story through your eyes. I am here to help you. 

Mentoring is really a beautiful marriage of minds where one person takes the lead and feeds into the other - helping release any restrictions of "I can't" or "I'm scared" - providing permission to take risks and trust the process so you can step into your unique creative voice, and offering insight through live-experience on methods of creating strong images that create clients that you will journey with through life's adventures. My goal is to meet you where you are, and assist you with what you're looking to grow on while providing the tools you need to begin creating more authentic and inspired work that is uniquely your own. 

session options

1 hour Zoom mentorship $150

Over a virtual session we will dive into all things YOU want to discuss. I will answer any and all questions regarding photography and business strategy related. This short virtual mentorship can cover any topics you want to learn more about OR it can just be a casual work convo with someone who understands why you do what you do for a living. YOU get to run the show and I will feed you with the knowledge I believe can best serve you.

2 hour 'office hours' mentorship $450

Here we dive into all the technical aspects to help your business thrive and focus on you.  This can mean anything from creative marketing techniques, editing and custom preset development, to building your confidence and reigniting your creativity so you can begin creating work that both makes your clients happy and fulfills YOU.

live shoot $750

We will go over how I plan my sessions: styling, location, posing, and light and together we will plan a photoshoot according to what you would like to add to your portfolio and/or the type of session you feel you need the most help with. I will show you exactly how I choose my locations and light and then, as I pose and direct, I will tell you where and how to shoot to produce images that showcase connection and emotion.

We will finish our time together with a two hour discussion. You may spend this time asking anything you like, viewing and editing the images we just photographed or a portfolio review.

let me break it down ...


Efficient workflow from import to delivery

How to develop presets that work for your light and shooting conditions

Editing images without presets

Editing images taken in harsh light


How to create authentic, emotive images

Powerful posing with couples

Effortless family sessions

Using prompts to guide real emotion from your clients


client management

Creating session guides and questionnaires to prepare your clients and yourself

Creating email templates that works

Reaching out and working with brands

Workflow from first client contact to booking the date


Identifying what others would love to learn from you

Creating presentations and slideshows that resonate with your audience

How to start teaching at workshops or host your own

Setting yourself up for successful mentoring sessions

Best practices for live shoots from 1-40+ attendees


Send me an email at shelbyborerphotography@outlook.com and

let's schedule a time to chat on the phone together.

I want to learn more about you & your journey.

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