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where you take your photos is the second most important thing...

The first is you. 

In my personal opinion, the location you choose should mean something to you. A place where you feel comfortable that embraces the vibe you want for your photographs.

do you love the outdoors or a cozy place in your home?

do you feel the most alive when you're in the mountains amongst the trees or at the

beach with the sand in your toes?

If you don't know where to start with picking your location, don't worry I gotchyu! 

I lived in Colorado for 10 years and explored the depths of the Rocky Mountains for many of them. Grew up in Western Nebraska for 18 and know most of it like the back of my hand. Driven through Utah more times than I can count and watched the sun hit the horizon line almost every morning and every night. 

so you can get to know me a little more

and where my photography thrives,

here's a few of all time favorite locations...


Lake McConaughy, Ogallala, NE

nestled in the sandhills right near the town I was born and raised. Lake Mac holds a lot of memories for me.


Paint Mines, Calhan, CO

a tourist attraction but also a hidden gem. The Paint Mines is somewhere I could sit and just be for hours on end. 


Scottsdale, AZ

a newly found favorite, but definitely an all time favorite. Sunrise Peak trailhead sits in Northeast corner of Scottsdale.


oh do I have so many more favorite locations...

BUT! I believe in preserving them and keeping the rest of them between you and I. Many of the locations I find, especially in Colorado and Utah are incredibly beautiful because they are, for the most part, kept as a secret by locals. 

so you have an idea of what you're wanting

in the background of your photos?

you know the environment you

want to be surrounded by?

Let's chat about it! When you email me at about booking the first thing I'll ask is to schedule a phone consult. I can 100% help you find the perfect location for your session.

One that embraces exactly you who are.

now let's chat about lighting...

My absolute favorite thing about capturing any type of portrait is when the sun simultaneously kisses your skin and the horizon line at the same time. 

10/10 recommend golden hour. 

The hour right before sunset. 

The hour right after sunrise.

when the sun is softer, redder & more golden.

a lot of photographers also call this "magic hour."

because it really is where the magic happens.

The one and only thing that really dampens my mood is when the dark clouds roll on in and hide that hour from me. But what's sunshine without a little storm sometimes. There's not much you can do about it. Which brings me to my second favorite time to shoot.

blue hour.


To be honest I used to despise blue hour but over the passed year or so I've found a deep love for how serene and peaceful it is. It's like the sun hands off it's job to the moon and the world takes a deep breath.

most of the time, depending on how clear the sky is, 

you can see 3 different shades of blue. 

first a little pink where the sun kisses the night.

then a soft baby blue. 

a royal.

& a midnight blue.

where the night begins to fades in.

Can you tell how important lighting is to me? It makes me all sorts of poetic. I truly believe it makes a difference in the energy your photographs portray. 

so a few things to ask yourself...

Do I want my photos to be warm and soft?

Or do I want my photos to be moody and cool? 

Do I like when the sun warms me up?

Or when the moon makes me feel at peace?

and a few to consider...

As much as I wish I could control the weather during photoshoots, I just can't. Sometimes the clouds roll in after an entire day of the sky being completely clear. & sometimes they let the sun shine through them creating the most godly site we've ever laid eyes on. If the weather somehow doesn't cooperate with the lighting we're trying to capture for your photos, there is always an opportunity to reschedule. 

for any further questions about lighting and locations for your session, please don't hesitate to ask and pick my brain about what I think is best. I've been doing photography for 8 years. I feel like sometimes I've seen it all, but if I can't answer your question or solve a problem we might run into, I'm not afraid to ask any of my fellow photographers.

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